How to learn

Several ways to learn about ” 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals “

 (Hear my audio )

(1) Watch videos of  “What is 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals ?

By watching these videos , You will gain some ideas of Chinese cultures and  12  Zodiac Animals”!

(2) Watch  video to learn about the “Animal sequence in 12 years cycle

From this video, you can know the animal sequences in this 12 years cycle !

(3)  Start “matching & spelling of the 12 animals ” 

To  practice  your  spelling skills,

  • (a) First get familiar with all the animals names
  • (b) Start to match the “animal name” to it’s self  “image”
  • (c) Start to learn the spelling of  these animal names

Get familiar with the animals name

When tapping on the animal name (such as “Horse”, “Dog” etc..),  you will hear the audio sound of the animal name . (If you like, you can also learn “Chinese Speaking”  by choosing “Chinese version”.

Match the animal name to its self image

Drag the “animal name” and drop it to correct “animal image”. If you match them correctly, the “ name”  will reside on the image, If not, the “name” will bounce back to its origin place. Try it !!!

Start to learn the spelling of  these animal names

Please tap on the animal image.  And the animal take you to the ” spelling page” . Now, try to spell it correctly !  You can also check your answer, by  Click on the “Hint” button .