How to count ?

“Count Monkey” Instructions

(*** To play, please go to :

The   “Count Monkey” Game  is for kids (2 ~ 5 years old) who love to be friends of monkeys.  This simple game may help them to pick up the concept of  “Adding ”  Numbers.

(1) Enter a random number of  your choice ( which will be  the total  row number),
Click “Count ” button,  then  start counting  monkeys in each row !

(2) Next , find out total how many monkeys appear in your  screen ?   can you add all  monkeys from each row  ?
(For parents: To impress your little ones, find  a quicker way (try to exercise your brain !!! there is a possible equation) to calculate the total sum.   Please click on the  “Hint” button for  the answer  (total sum)! Compare with your result !!!  Have Fun !!